Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Like Father Like Son..

DS likes to follow DD around all day long.. If she is playing with any toy, he wants to play with the same toy. If she is riding bicycle, he wants to do the same. If she comes to me for hugs & kisses he will try to push her & sit in my lap first.. You get the picture of what every mom of two almost same age kids go through.. No matter how many times I explained it to my son about not copying her or yelled at him so many times for the same, this still is the biggest issue.. Every time we are talking about something I try to include two lines about not following her around every second..

Anyways, the other day he was telling me some kiddy story stuff (no clue about what he was talking about but I was trying to repeat something in between to keep him going & making him think that I was very interested in his story ) and he was really into it.. Every time I ask him something he will think for few seconds & make up few lines to answer me. After he was done I though it’s a good time to explain him about not to follow DD everytime..

“You are a good boy, right?”


“And you are big boy now, right?”


“Big boys don’t follow people around everywhere, OK”


“Try to find something else to play with when DD is playing with a toy... Don’t cry to get the same or snatch from her.... OK”


“So you will remember this, right?”


“Ok, what did I just say?”(Wanted to check if I got through him)

“I don’t know”

Felt like pulling my hair out....

I always argue with DH for his (DH’s) “lack of listening” habit… He ALWAYS ALWAYS end up saying that I didn’t tell “this or that” to him and I am the one to blame for. But Im not that crazy who forget in few seconds what I told him. If I tell DH things in one line, later he will say you didn’t explain and if I explain he will say that I was telling him an essay so he didn’t listen…. “AAAHHHHHHHHHH”

So this incident with DS made me think if all men are born with the same “no listening to” package cuz I know lots of women have same problem.. OR do we women expect them to listen to everything we say…. ??????

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