Monday, July 24, 2006

loving DS

DS is very caring & loving. The other day before nap time I put both of them together so that they can play for few minutes before going to sleep.. DS loves to sleep next to DD, gives him chances to blame everything on DD:-) And he likes do lots of kisses to her & tickle her.. DD was doing her regular stuff.. Knocking off her blanket and then crying for it.. It lasted for 10 minutes and after the 100th time I said

“No, I won’t give you blankie now. If you want get it yourself.”

She started saying it loud “blankie, blankie”

I ignored her and started telling DS a story. After 2-3 minutes she got louder And I still ignored her while continuing the story.. When DS saw me not listening to her, he goes

“Mamma, She is asking for her Blankie”

“I know baby but she keep knocking it off and I got tired of giving her blankie so now mamma is not going to give her blankie. When she will fall asleep I will put it on her”

DD was still asking for blankie while swinging her legs in the air.. DS wasn’t satisfied with my answer and got up in few seconds to her blankie.. she did what she was doing for last 15 minutes.. She knocked it off again. He tried to give her blankie few more times and the whole time while I was watching him doing that I was thinking If he came with these feelings or our “parenting” did make him decide to cover her. Either way I am so thankful to God to send us such blessings.

Did you ever have something like this which made you feel good about your parenting?

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