Friday, July 28, 2006

Indoor Activities to do with toddlers..

Its always one of the most important things on my mind to find something to keep both of my kids busy instead of crying to play with the same toy or competing to sit with me. As long as I can keep even one kid busy for few minutes, life is a bit easy and not to mention that I can breath for few minutes peacefully. Usually my kids are very cooperative but they are kids so its always a hectic day for me.

Anytime we go out shopping instead of buying a big expensive toy I look for something on clearance or something which I can buy for just couple of bucks to keep my kids busy for 1/2 hr. a day at least for 2 days.. This way I can get 2-3 different toys instead of just one.. No matter what we buy for them they lose interest soon and won’t play for more than few minutes with it so I have to think about keeping him busy by finding new activities everyday.. let me tell you its very hard to always look for new ideas but here are the couple of things that works every time.. (Only for 10 minutes though

  1. Any dvd
  2. Let them use(break) the computer
  3. Give them an un open toy to hold & tell them if they are good they will get to play with it tomorrow And hopefully I can use the same logic for few days
  4. Ask them where do they want to go next weekend
  5. Looking at the pictures in album
  6. Reading them a book only if I am lucky enough to make them sit till the end or sometimes even half way through
  7. Give them chewy gummy bear and make them sit & finish it
  8. Not interested in coloring but like to hold different colors crayons so by the time they pick the colors & lose interest its already few minutes
  9. Painting only when DD is sleeping or busy otherwise they always end up fighting over color trey. DD is 16m & wants to walk around with color trey.
  10. Playing Simon says
  11. Ring-a-Ring O’Roses
  12. Cutting paper with DS when DD is asleep
  13. Blowing bubbles
  14. Making a house with Lego blocks(If we can find few pieces)
  15. Tickle them
  16. Making DS write Alphabets & Numbers ( If I am lucky he will want to but most of times he is done after writing 2-3)
  17. Give them something to eat by themselves (even though its lot of work for me after they are done(If I am not watching them) but gives me enough time to grab a bite or do something else for 5-10 minutes)
  18. Tell them to grab a toy to use like a phone & talk. (I love this cuz it gives me an insight of DS’s thoughts)
  19. Hide something in one hand and ask them to guess & find it.
  20. Talk about what DS liked when we went to a particular place.
  21. Give them a wipe to clean their toys(they will clean 1-2 toys then they will wipe the floor then their faces so I make sure to have few minutes after they are done to wash them still it gives me the time I need to finish something)

    I am sure there are million other indoor activities which different mothers use according to the interest of their kids. Would love to find out about different activites.

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