Saturday, July 29, 2006

Did I Jinx it???

I always look forward to my mornings because of the unusual & loving way to start my day. My DD is usually up before me and the minute she wakes up she hold my hand and start saying “mama” & kiss my hand… Sometimes she likes to put her cheek on my cheek and keep saying “mama, mama” and of course the kissing continues… I enjoy this for 10-15 minutes cuz once I open my eyes she says “Ba” (outside).. So even when I am awake before her and have the urge to go out & start my day, I act selfish and decide to pretend like I am asleep… I want to have my heart melting wake up call and hey, I am allowed to become selfish for that, don’t you think?

It was going perfectly until two days ago when she stop doing that… I just don’t know what happened but I really really miss all that.. First I thought maybe today she didn’t remember but y’day again she got busy with her bear blankie . Today was a different story… when I was covering her this morning I realize that her shirt was little wet on one side.. She had or was about to have an “accident”. It was around 5:30, I got up to change her. It doesn’t happen usually but lately she does lots of drama during dipper change so I guess sometimes accident happens because of that. After that she was sleepy but didn’t want to go to sleep.. She was holding my hand and kissing but its not like everyday.. I hope she will soon realize what mommy is been missing and start it again..

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