Monday, January 15, 2007

Eating Nemo

I was reading this post & remember the nemo incident that I wanted to write but totally forgot.. Thanks Aps;-)

The other day hubby got shrimp & while I was cooking, A was watching me. It took me 5 minutes to make it and the whole time he was asking me what I was cooking & what else did I put in the pan.. I told him its fish and asked if he wanted to try.. He was excited so I gave him one piece. Just before he ate it he looked at it for few seconds observing every single detail of it and said

“I ate fish, mamma?”
“Its orange color fish”
“Is It Nemo?”
“Is It Nemo?”
“Is It Nemo?”
“Then what is it? Its some other fish”
“But its orange”
“So? There are other orange fishes beside Nemo. Do you want another one?”
“No mamma, I don’t like fish.. But it is small like Nemo. Did you cook Nemo”
“No, I didn’t cook Nemo”
“Whats the fishy name then?”
“hmmm Go ask your father”:-))

(Hubby was taking shower)

“Papa, Did you bring fishy?”
(I was listening with a big smile cuz I was off the hook for a little while;-)

“Yes, for you”
“You got orange fishy for me?”
“Did you get Nemo?”
“Did you get Nemo?”
“Its orange”
“That’s ok. Its not Nemo. Tell mommy to give you some more”:-)
“No, I don’t want anymore. I don’t like fish”

“Mamma, I don’t want to eat fish. It looks like Nemo.”
“Ok. Its not Nemo though.. go play on ur computer”



@ said...

why couldnt u just tell him it was a shrimp, not a clown fish like Nemo was? At this rate, you'll soon have a vegetarian on your hands!! (not that that's a bad thing...)
it looks like you had more fun messing with his head and watching his confusion? :) :)

mommyof2 said...

@:lol!! no I don't try that.. Actually I try to avoid these kind of conversation cuz I really don't have energy to answer his endless questions:-) But these days he is into asking million question about every thing.. Every conversation starts like any regular but sometimes(mostly) I end up scratching my head..

Even this time I opened the bag that hubby brought & asked him loudly(he was in the bathroom)if he wanted shrimp then or the next day. He said whenever I want and I said I don't cuz I hate fish smell and he probable heard me saying that;-)

Asha said...

Sorry for being late! Got busy during the weekend!:)

Aww...!!! Didn't you the get the hint when she asked whether it's Orange fish repeatedly?!:D I knew she was NOT going to eat that Nemo!!

Congratulations on B'day present!It's the validation of our existance which counts,you are right,not those present!!Enjoy the present too and say thank you in a special way!;D

mommyof2 said...

Asha: ahmmm.. I was talking about A not Guydiya;-)And he always tell me colours of things atleast 100 times a day so couldn't get the hint of his next conversation:-)

And we didn't get wii.. We went to try it in the mall & it didn't seem worth it. Still need to read more reviews & look for advance games, so not decided yet:-)Now I can't wait to see what will be the replacement gift(not that it matters;-)

Ganesh Ranganathan said... bet he won't be eating fish anymore....

mommyof2 said...

ganesh: Thats fine too cuz I hate fish smell and we hardly eat any seafood:-) Fish sticks are there if he wants to eat any fish;-)