Monday, January 22, 2007

Once again

Ladies and Gentlemen, hubby forgot to wish me on my B’day again:-( I was waiting & waiting but nope, he didn’t remember. My cousin called to wish me then hubby started giggling and offered me breakfast in bed but I refused. Great thing was that A baked a cake for me (with my help:-) I didn’t feel that bad cuz he did remember few days back;-) Actually I was very happy to celebrate with kids:-)


Keshi said...

Happy Bday to ya Mommy!

**was waiting & waiting but nope, he didn’t remember

ur kidding me! Whats with these men and their terrible memory probs! Im sorry, it must have bugged ya that he didn't rem at all. I'd be quite upset cos I want my man to rem my bday. cmon wut else is he planning to rem!


Jay said...

Happy belated birthday!!


Kalpana said...

Many Many Happy Returns Of The Day!!!

Has to be me said...

Belated happy returns! :)
Thats so sweet of ur son! :)

SM said...

Happy Birthday! Looks like u had a fun time with the kids!

Ganesh Ranganathan said...

forgetting birthdays...ouch..

So what was his punishment? sleeping on the sofa?

starry nights said...

Happy Birhtday.I am glad you had a good time with your son. I know how it feels to wait and wait for that birthday wish.Have been there many times. Anyway I wish you everything that is beautiful and may all your birthday wishes come true.take care.(He may forget your birthday but when it truly matters he will always be there.)

Asha said...

Happy Birthday!
Mine forgets too,they are all morons,dont' worry about it.Just enjoy your day and be happy.Atleast he felt guilty!:))
Cup cakes look great!

@ said...

Happy birthday!! (yest?)
and {{hugs}} for every b'day wish and compliment your hubby forgets, your son seems to shower you with twice as many - so you ought to be proud,and hopefully the dad will learn from Junior :)

ps: we share the same zodiac!
pps: can we share your cupcakes too?

priya said...

Happy Birthday girl:-))) A nice cup of cake from ur son fills your heart...

Orchid said...

Happy B'day!! give us your hubby's email id..maybe we can remind him next time :)
Your son is handsome! and ofcourse your daughter resembles him :)
we could have all joined you in the party...looks like you had fun.

Sush said...

Many Many Happy Returns of the Day... God bless you and your family and may you be always happy :-).

Anonymous said...

forget the wish - did you get the wii? :-)

happy birthday anyways!


"So what was his punishment? sleeping on the sofa? "

if he is a couch potato, putting him on a sofa would not be a punishment!

- s.b.

itchingtowrite said...

happy b'day
and thats a nice cake happening there.. yummy

punnaakumaama said...

happppy burthday!!!! me happy that am still a bachelor

mommyof2 said...

Keshi: Thanks:-)

“it must have bugged ya”
Actually Im use to this;-) And honestly it didn’t bother me that much because of kids:-) He claims he never remembers anything but he never missed “his family’s” B’days & anniversaries. Biggest mystery ;-)

jay: yeah men:-) thanks:-)

Kalpana: Thanks:-)

HTBM: Thanks:-) kids completes ur life:-)

SM: Thanks:-) Had great time cooking with them. It was so much fun:-)

ganesh: No punishment:-) otherwise he has to sleep on sofa every night:-)

starry nights: Thanks:-) Even though I tell that I can’t count on him but I know he will be there in need.

Asha: Thanks:-)

@: on Sunday:-) Thanks:-) A has everything a girl wish in her hubby:-) I always tell hubby “atleast his mother is teaching him what his dad’s mother didn’t teach his dad”;-)So when is ur b’day? How about cupcake in tent.. Both families can fit in that tent:-)

Priya: You are right Priya. Thanks:-)

Orchid: Thanks:-) You all are invited :-) about reminders, well, he is a computer geek & u can set reminder for every hour if you want or more importantly if you care to remember:-) But that’s so sweet of you:-)

Sush: Thanks:-)

S.B: Thanks :-) Well, we went to try wii last week and didn’t like it that much.. Not worth it:-) No punishment can work for him… he is an hopeless case;-)

I2W: thanks:-) Even though I don’t like chocolate that much still it was my kind of cake and was very yummy:-)

Punnaakumaama: Thanks:-) Enjoy ur bachelor life;-)

Keshi said...

**but he never missed “his family’s” B’days & anniversaries. Biggest mystery

nah sweetie it's not a mystery at all. Most men of out culture r exactly that! They have family on top of their heads than their wives. Its sad.


@ said...

So when is ur b’day?
A day before yours :)
How about cupcake in tent.. Both families can fit in that tent:-)

You've got a deal! Really, the cupcakes had me drooling, so asked a friend for recipe to make them myself!

mommyof2 said...

@: Should've called A for the recipe;-)Belated Happy B'day:-)

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry,i missed commenting on your birthday,though i came here,read the post i forgot to comment,blame it on my never ending list of tasks as a stay alone newly wed,madly in love with hubby and crazy about her family and feels she is the be all and end all of their life;p

Wishing you a wonderful life ahead and let there be happiness all around:)


TS said...

Hi! happy belated b'day...Is this going to be your entry for the Little Chefs event?? It's perfect for it!
Hope you've been well.


mommyof2 said...

keshi: it is sad. I hope A will not make this mistake when its his turn:-)

alapana: Thanks:-) Don't worry, its still my b'day week;-)I hope your family is enjoying ur stay;-)Newelyweds are suppose to act like this;-)Wishing you love birds unite again sooner than soon:-)

trupti: Thanks:-) Actually I post this before I read about ur event and I left you a comment asking if store bought stuff was ok cuz cupcakes were made out of that;-) If its ok, yes, I will send you pics otherwise we are cooking more and I will send you other pics(If I can take;-)