Thursday, January 11, 2007

Happy Dance

There is a new lawn tennis court near our home and last week I was telling A that we will go there once the weather is ok. All of a sudden hubby said you can play that at home too cuz we will get wii and that is ur mom’s B’day present;-) Now its not about getting wii or b’day gift, its about him remembering my b’day almost 2 weeks early;-) We stopped exchanging gifts long ago and if he remembers to wish, is the best gift itself:-) Usually I wait till 12 at night or the morning for him to wish us but most of the times I have to say “Aren’t u forgetting something;-)”. I asked him if he put any reminder, since when & how many;-) I really don’t care how he remember but I am happy:-)

1 comment:

Orchid said...

Nice! when is your b'day. Maybe there is some truth to the "getting wiser as you get older" saying??