Sunday, January 28, 2007

Little Krishna

Every time A goes to bathroom she takes his pant and hide in another room or put it like hat & run around the whole place laughing so hard, then few minutes later A is running after her try to take back his pant. Hubby puts his stuff out on bed before shower & its almost always gone by the time he is back, then we have to look for her:-) Usually she hides it under her comforter:-)

Every time A is holding a toy, she snatches his toy & hides it behind her. If he is writing something she try to run away with whatever comes in her hand, usually the paper. The cutest part is that while doing all this she laughs so hard that she turns red. Actually she turns red laughing & A turn red crying & trying to get things back from her. Her favorite place to hide after crime is behind mommy:-)

She is my naughty Krishna:-)


artnavy said...

You ended up with twins without going through the troublesoem bit!! And the little krishna is so delightful

i think girls grow taller & faster

i would kill hubby if he did not wish on my bday- so ur hubby is very lucky to have such a sweet patient wife

Ganesh Ranganathan said...

wow...your little maakhan chor is amazing...she must really light up the house with her antics

Has to be me said...

thats cho chuveet! Enjoyed the pics of the siblings! My kids look alike too...esp after the mundan! :)

Asha said...

HeHeHe!! You know her hiding place too!:)) Little Krishnaa is so cool.

Sush said...

A turning to K :-))...this little krishna is kyyyyyuuuuttttttt!! :-)

Orchid said...

I am just wondering if it is just more wonderful to have two kids instead of one...atleast they are keeping each other busy?? :)

Twisted DNA said...

Hahaha. I can imagine how happy it makes you two to witness such antics! Just reading it was so fun for us

Asha said...

Check your e mail in a while,I will ans you!:))

starry nights said...

That is so cute, they keep each other entertained.

Keshi said...

LOL so darn cute! Kids' minds work so beautifully ha :)


Reshmi said...

Hey it was funnnnnn reading what your krishna does.. so very cute..

You know what my Krishna, my son has done today? He decides to experiment with his new camera and I consent to become his prey..:).. Do check my blog for that..:))

madsies said...

hey...first timer here..and its nic eot read about kids. I have 2 of them too (girls - 3 and half and 2 yr old)

Krishna pranks are so sweeet.

itchingtowrite said...

hey ur kids look so alike... they r almost like twins

Gauri said...

That's really very mischeviously cute :-)))

mommyof2 said...

artnavy: Thanks:-) I always wanted twins though;-)

ganesh: yes and makes our days hectic too;-)

HTBM: thanks:-) post a pictures of ur kids too:-)

asha: thanks:-)

sush: thanks:-)

orchid:for us definitely 2 cuz that’s what we had planned for and I wanted to have the second soon so that they can bother the heck out of each other instead of me;-)
Now they keep each other busy, well before they get into some fight;-)

TD:yeah, It is so much fun to see her doing all these things cuz A was very quiet when he was her age.. Now we get to see all the nautanki:-)

starry nights: yes, for a little while:-)

keshi: and naughty too;-)

reshmi: thanks:-) And I saw ur pics before u mentioned here:-) check ur comment section :-)

madsies: Thanks:-)I think girls are usually quite beside mine ofcourse;-) what do you say?

I2W: yes, until she has short hair:-)

gauri: thanks:-)