Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Another school dilemma

Yesterday was one busy day. A had Easter party and even though I told hubby to sign up for juice, he signed up for fruit salad. Crazy guy doesn’t know that its already hard for me have my cup of tea before noon and now I have to peel & cut fruits and make sure they don’t turn brown. Then I had to go for his registration in his new school, which I didn’t like at all. I don’t know if I am picky but I just didn’t get the right feel when I was there. There were lots of students in the hallway but I couldn’t see A in anybody. We register him anyway but now I am thinking of lots of options

1.) Renting a place few blocks away, near a good school, so that A can go to better school (Stupid public school system according to which part of the town you live in).
2.) Send him to his old school again.
3.) Find another private school since the other one was daycare type and now its time to find something which is more of a school
4.) Send him to this school anyway and see if he is learning good things or bad and then decide accordingly.
5.) Keep him home for few months and work on relocating.

On the other hand Gudiya put a show for the ladies there.. She danced there singing the wiggle song and with her hands on her cheeks, she kept saying, “wake up Jeff” “wake up Jeff” while they were clapping & clapping. We had to stay there for sometime so that she can finish singing and dancing;-)

I was planning on going to India around end of September, during Dushera & Diwali, but now I can’t go since A’s school is starting in September. But I don’t want to go there in summer and take care of the sick kids instead of having fun. Now I might go in December but I don’t want to miss Christmas either. Any suggestions..


nz said...

Public school system is same here too - lot of people relocate to get their kids into a good school cos some are even better than private ones !

Trip to India - hmmmm I think any time after monsoon and before March is ok to visit as the temperatures are more bearable at that time :-)

Asha said...

Both my kids go to Public schools and they are not good either,but both kids are doing very well and very well liked by teachers.They stay away from bad kids and choose few.I think it depends on out kids how they succeed anywhere.Columbine school is a public school in a rich area,look what happened there!
I know some students who go to Elite private schools here are into drugs and crashed their cars in to school building drunk!Most doctors kids go there,but not mine!:))

December is the best time to visit India.You get 2 weeks of Xmas holiday.

Ganesh Ranganathan said...

Though I have no idea about the education system in the US, I hope A goes into a good school....

In my opinion, Winter is a great time to visit... :-)

mommyof2 said...

Last 2 time I went in winter & thats what I was planing.. I was thinking of going in sept & coming back in mid dec but now if I go in dec he still will miss school for almost 2 months and I was thinking I rather take 2 month from sept cuz this way they can be there for dhusera & Diwali;-) Still confused though..

Asha, right now kids have more influence of the enviornment. The other day we were waling from school & he screamed "ooohoooooooooo" on the road, like idiots call each other. I asked him what he was doing, he smiled and I told him not to do that ever again..

Now where did he learn that from? I think once they are old enough to understand I won't be worried but now its a different story;-)

Sush said...

aww.. the school sytem woes.. hope you resolve it soon.

Ashish said...

Winter seems like a good time to visit.

Orchid said...

My Li'l A is in a montessori chool now and I love it..I might keep him there 2 more years..till he is 6 and then move him to a public school. It is best to relocate to a good school district if you have that will be expensive putting 2 kids through private schools. Check out Charter schools...some are better than public schools and cheaper than private schools

mommyof2 said...

I still can;t decide... lets see..

Orchid, thanks for the info..I checked out the charter school system but they don't have pre-k in NJ.. *sigh*