Thursday, April 26, 2007

Getting Big

At least twice a week I struggle feeding A and 3 times a day feeding Gudiya. Gudiya is very stubborn but A is the one whom I can distract, yell or scare and he eats his meal. Those times I tell him

Eat your food otherwise you won’t get big. Gudiya will get bigger and you will stay like this.
If I finish my food I will get big?
Like Pappa?
Like You?
Like Nani Bhua & Nanu?
Very big?
Very very big?
Very very very big?
Like Rakshash?
Umm NO.
Like you & Pappa?
Mamma I don’t want to eat too much and get big like Rakshash. I don’t like rakshash..
But If you eat, you will be big enough to scare them away...

And this is the conversation we have on every food strike day:-) and it works every time:-)


There are days when I think about going on a diet and I feel so good for 2-3 hrs until I think of food or the next meal, whatever comes first;-) Then for a day I weigh myself after every meal;-) A is aware of my this routine;-) Once he saw some diet ad on tv and asked

Mamma what are they saying?
They are saying if you do “this” exercise you won’t be fat anymore.. You will get skinny.

Every other month I get the diet bug and every time I step on the scale he ask me

Are you getting skinny?
Are you getting fat?
(looking at him with angry eyes”;-P )
NO, I just have to stop eating the bad stuff.
You ate bad food, Mamma?
What did you eat?
Samosas and all other fried food and that too a lot.
You ate lots & lots?
So you got big?
Ummm yes.
You got Fat?
You become rakshash?
NOOOOO (God, I got to stop eating fried food;-P)


Sush said...

hahaha.. :)

Asha said...

What goes around comes around M!!:D

You are the who telling him to eat so he can get big and you are big!;D

Coffee said...

hahahahaha..... kids !!!!!!! I doubt if they are kids!!!! hahaha

Minal said...

Great. they remember each conversation and they can corelate one to the other so well.

Rohini said...

Amazing! Can't wait for Ayaan to get to this age.

nz said...

hahaha, the answers and counter answers the littlies come up with - always amazes me :-)

Keshi said...



Sunita said...

:) ha ha ha very sweet

Orchid said...

hahaha...your reality check!!...haven't taught my Li'l A the concept of "fat" yet....and atleast you think of dieting..i have given up totally!

Deepa said...


Big Zed said...

LOL!! A is a born lawyer or a journalist.

nz said...

hey girl, its been a while since you posted ! Just dropped in to check if you have updated your blog !

Nisha said...

We think we are diverting the kids to feed them, but they are very clever. They divert us from feeding them by talking and asking questions incessantly.

karmickids said...

Beautiful, they have such an uncanny knack of putting one in place. The brat tells me not to eat chocolates or else "tumhare daat sad jayenge..."

Kalpana said...