Monday, April 02, 2007

Bhagam Bhag

Is the latest favorite. First half an hr. of the movie has to be watched over & over again and the song has to repeat at least 10times before anything.

20 times a day she comes to me saying “BhagaBhaga” and the minute its on she put her hands on her knees and shake her bum. She try to copy by blinking her eyes, hand actions, shaking her leg & all.. Even though its not closer to how Tanushree does, its fun to watch her try to copy all the dance movements..:-)

The first time we watched, I had to go in the kitchen and I told A to sit & watch and let me now later what was going on and this is what he said

(A pointing to Akshay & Govinda)

Mamma, this guy wants the girl and that guy wants the same girl too, why can’t they share.

Well, girl is not something you share. She can decide if she wants to be with Akshay or Govinda.

(Then he watched it for few more seconds and pointed to the girls dancing in the back & said)

Mamma why can’t they pick one of the other girls.. They are dancing good too.

I don’t know:-)

Ohh & he loves Gullu, especially when everybody decide to go to Germany in his car:-).


priya said...

Why can't they share hahaha... Good question ther??

Tharini said...

G...he's so logical. You can't argue with it. I love the way his mind works.

Keshi said...

hehe as always...CUTE.


Asha said...

HAHAH!!! Yeah! Why can't he pick one from the chorus.They are pretty too.See how a American mind works!!A Indian would say "oh, they are just dancers!".You got to choose acc. to your status!!!;0

Orchid said...

Logic at its best :)...nice to see you back to regular more to make up for lost time!

A Little Light said...

nice post Mof2 :)

@ said...

i have no concept of this movie - but am learning - from A's storyline and from Gudiya's dance moves :)
Agree with Orch - post more to compensate!

nz said...

hehehe, so cute ! dont we just love these stuff our kids come up with !!

B o o said...

You are linked here Hope thats ok! Off I go to link NZ! :)