Friday, April 06, 2007

Comment moderation and anonymous comments

I used to think why people go through all the trouble and choose to moderate. After all its very time consuming.. One reason could be because they don’t want to miss responding to anybody and another is that they want to avoid stupid comments.. I have seen so many posts with “comment deleted by blog admin” and few comment sections turned into a war zone because of few stupid comments by yeah, stupid anonymous person.

If someone writes about something on his or her blog, obviously they don’t mind getting positive or negative comments but is it has to be nasty comment? By starting with “I hope you take it in the right spirit” makes the following poisonous words turned into sweet message? I don’t think so.. And why do most anonymous get the right to leave nasty comments? I said most cuz not every anonymous person is out there to leave nasty comment to get rid of their frustration.

If you think you are so right why are you scared to leave your name and email id for further clarity;-) What are you scared off? You don’t want people of know it is your opinion by staying anonymous? On every blog there are lots of comments from anonymous people because they don’t have blog but most of them are nice & leave their name even though they are saying something negative...

I don’t think anybody has all positive opinion on every post they have written on their blog but not everybody leave a nasty comment.. I mean you can argue your point but no need to show your bitchiness or is it must? But because of few of those nasty anonymous people, people use “block” feature & miss getting sensible comments from people who don’t have a blog..

So please if you really have to get rid of your frustration on someone’s blog, don’t make the comment section a nasty zone.. If you must get rid of your itch, email the person so that you can get your answer back cuz not everybody is like “you” .

All I can say to those people is “keep your right spirited comments to yourself & click on “close””.

Why this post today??? Yes, you got it.. I got a nasty comment and even though I don’t have the energy or need to fight with a masked person, I would like to clear things by trying to be equally nasty (hey I am no saint;-) but not here;-) Email me or leave your email id..


Sush said...

thankfully i have not been on the receiving end so far (touchwood), but I know exactly how it feels when such things happen.. I have seen my best buddy panic over one such silly user's comment.... lacking the guts to reveal oneself itself shows that we need not have to pay any attention to them.

Twisted DNA said...

I get my share of pretty nasty comments. I don't mind criticism even done in very harsh words. But I do mind if the comment uses bad language or just spreads hatred. Those comments are quietly deleted.

artnavy said...

u saw my post on this

very similar thoughts

problem is i do not know how to disable anon comments

Kalpana said...

I got a nasty one once. Such a stupid one, believe me...nothing related to the topic I dealt with. Just removed it. I came here blogging for good friends, not for such stupid people around.