Monday, August 20, 2007

Gudiya’s First prize

Every summer our library has a summer reading program for kids pre-k to 5th grade. Last Year it was “paws claws, scales & tales” and this year “Get a Clue”. Even though Gudiya is not in that category still Librarian gave me the book log sheet for her and she got her very first prize:-) They had arranged a dance program before the award ceremony. kids didn't like the program that much but getting the beads necklaces was fun:-)

See I told you, dance pogram was boring;-)

Prize in their hands


nz said...

well done Gudiya. great pics - love that cute hair clip in her short hair !!

Asha said...

Saw the daddy enjoying for the first time!!:D
Good for Gudiya, beads are fun:))

Swati said...

ha ha.. dad and kids sleeping is the cutest pics.. :)

tapu said...

That seems like your family love reading books. It's good for kids to love reading books because the information they get today will be the resource to help them decide what they want to become.

Have your kids listened to audio books before ? There are tons of children audio books from this site

Have a good day.