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Monday, June 08, 2009

New family

Gudiya is having constipation problem since we moved here.. We gave her stool softener, laxatives, took her to doc which ended up having miralax everyday and not drinking milk at all and the problem is still there. Last week we thought of giving a last try and decided to put medicine in the other end before taking her to doc who we know would want us to go for some strong med. Anyways, we tried it last week and after lots of crying and resistance from her we were successful and within 10 minute she “went” 3 times. Then another 3 days and no potty business. We told (made) her eat more, drink more and threaten to give her butt medicine otherwise:-) The other day we were telling her to eat more and she said

Gudiya: I want to get a new family…
Hubby: What?
Gudiya: I want to get new mommy, new daddy and new Bhaiya.
Hubby: Why?
Gudiya: Because you all make me eat, eat, eat and drink lots of water then give me medicine.
Hubby: But Its good for you.
Gudiya: But I don’t like it.
Me: Then try to go potty everyday and we will stop doing all.
Gudiya: I try everyday but it doesn’t come out but I go pee everyday. I don’t like you guys (crying)

Then yesterday we had to ahm put medicine there.. She was crying and didn’t want us to do that.. A was putting songs to distract her.. Hubby was trying to talk to her and I was trying to finish putting medicine but she wasn’t letting us.. She was crying loudly saying she doesn’t like it, she doesn’t want to medicine but we had to since it was already 4 days since she went potty.. She was very loud so I yelled at her thinking what the neighbors might be thinking of us and continued tried to use the medicine but she wasn’t letting us. I yelled at her and tried to turn her but she just sat there refused to move. In between all the angry looks from me, yelling from hubby and scary words like "shots" and "doctor" from A, she looked at me and said

“Are you my mommy?”
“Are you my mommy?”
(hubby & A were laughing)
I don’t want medicine.. I don’t like it..
Then you have to go potty..
I will try.
But its been 4 days.. you have to take medicine.
No, I don’t want to. Please mommy, I love you! (Kissing me) I love you so much.. I don’t want medicine..

(After 40 minutes of trying she didn’t let us use the med..)

*Sigh* okay, we have to go to doctor tomorrow and don’t cry if he gives you shots..
Will they hurt?
A little bit?
A lot?
No, I don’t want that.. I want the medicine..
Now, I don't want to give you the medicine.
Please mommy.
Please mommy..
You want me try again?
Will you cry?
Yes but is this the last time?
If you let me put medicine there..
Mommy, hurry I have to go potty..

And she went potty without the medicine but the episode left a hole in my heart..

I will never forget this.. I mean, she is 4.. don’t know anything but she thought of getting a new family and questioned if I was her mother just because we were trying to make her feel better.. What will happen next.. *sigh


FH said...

Aw!! Poor little girl! Yeah, it's hard when we have to medicate them and they don't like it.

She must be traumatized for life too just you all are! ;D

She will alright, don't worry. They forget fast! :)

Yeah, I got busy taking care of my young kids all these years since I didn't trust anybody to take care of my kids better than me. Kids became the priority. Now that they can take care of themselves, it's lot easier on me while I am there. They don't want to come to India, so I have to go alone, Arvind is too busy here.But loved the trip although was uncomfortable, went there in Summer. Heat and Mosquitoes didn't welcome me! ;D

Have a great Summer, love to kids.

Bramha's Reflections said...

I am new to your post and so I dont know much history about Gudiya.
For the constipation, have you tried giving her chavanprash at night with a glass of fresh milk. One of my little cousins used to have this as a kid ( she is 10 now) and after intorducing chavanprash with milk every night it eased a bit.

nitya said...

Aww, I feel your pain. Have you tried prunes? Eaten or as juice? They worked every time for my son.

Has to be me said...

Awww how sad. I had this same prob with my was really really bad....poor child suffered so much! Luckily found a good doc who helped us sort it out!

Uma said...

Poor things! Both you and Gudiya in fact... in your own ways! I've been through similar medicine episodes though not for the same reason. It does hurt to see them suffer...

2Bs mommy said...

Hi Mommy of 2 ! Hope everything is ok. Its been long since you posted.

Anonymous said...

Hi G, "somebody" is going thru' "mid life crisis" and sneaking around with a "friend"at work, dealing with that now, will see you soon!

AM said...


New here. Give her dates first thing in the morning and some warm water to drink in empty stomach. Give her raisins too and wat about banana? Better not to go for medicines at such an young age.

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Anonymous said...

I used to give my kids 2 tspns of apple prune juice mixed in orange juice.It helped them all the time, moreover there are no chemicals involved..

Anonymous said...

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Indian in NZ said...

Wishing a Happy New Year to you and your family !

FH said...

Thanks G, wish you and family the best too. Kids there look so grown up already. Just left Trisha to college last night, my son is in 9th grade now.

Glad to be back too, have fun there and update your posts girl. Still in June 2009? Don't be like me! :))

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Stacy said...

Oh, thank goodness kids are resilient! We had a similar situation with our 4 year old too!

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FH said...

Not doing so well G, it went bad to worse. Don't feel like blogging either but eventually I will. Thanks for concern, nice to know somebody cares. Hope you enjoyed India, looking forward to read it here! :)

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what we did was gave prunes and also bananas. that really helped our kids. They had similar issues and we really didn't know what do do until we did reasearch.

That's when we started our baby blog as well at and turned it into a baby depot.

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Sam said...

We had similar problems with my eldest daughter- tried prune juice, extra fruit, lots of drinks- nothing helped. Shed go all week and then wake up screaming at night doing a poo! In the end we were given movicol powders and kept trying with them- still no change. We were told to increase the dose which we did and within days she was going all the time- too loosely, so we dropped back to one sachet and that did the trick until eventually we were down to a quarter of a sachet and now nothing!
Good luck she will get over this, it's horrible to see them upset. Xx

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I feel your pain! My daughter went through the same thing. Time was the only cure.

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